Review of the Slot Machine, TNT Tumble Dream Drop

Have you ever wished you could smash through virtual rock and perhaps find a treasure worth €10,000,0000? Here is your opportunity, as Relax Gaming has just released TNT Tumble Dream Drop. A classic slot machine gets a makeover so it can participate in the Dream Drop progressive jackpot network from Relax Gaming. TNT Tumble Dream Drop has five progressive jackpots, wilds that drill, TNT blocks, and free spins with multipliers that can increase your wins.

Nothing has changed much from the original Dream Drop slots aside from some new jackpots and reshuffled odds. The alpine setting, replete with mountains, green meadows, trees, and foggy cloudy sky, is back, and it’s just as magnificent as ever as the primary playing area view for TNT Tumble Dream Drop. The game grid consists of 5 reels and 7 rows, and is held in place by a mining rig in the centre of the screen. When you press the spin button, four rows of active symbols and three rows of black stone blocks carrying zero to three bundles of TNT fall into place. The objective of the game other than winning the jackpot is to clear the screen of black stone blocks and trigger the free spins bonus.

When a victory happens near a stone block, it is demolished. All winning lines need to have three identical symbols in them, and they can be in either the horizontal or vertical orientation. When a player collects a payout, the winning symbols are taken out of the grid and replaced with the remaining symbols and any new ones that fall into place. If the cascade results in another victory, the cycle will continue. Theoretically, this setup results in a 94% RTP, with 12% going to the jackpots. TNT Tumble Dream Drop is a highly volatile slot that can be played on any device for stakes ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin; the bigger the stake, the larger the possibility of winning the jackpot.

Silver ore, gold ore, blue gems, green gems, orange gems, and red gems are the six pay symbols that populate the grid. A victory with three of a kind awards between 0.2 and 0.5 times the wager, while a win with seven of a kind awards between 4 and 15 times the wager.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop relies heavily on the use of wild drill symbols. When employed in a winning combination, wilds are kept intact until they reach the bottom row, at which point they are removed from the win. According to the paytable, seven of a kind consisting entirely of wilds is worth 50 times the wager. Finally, let’s discuss the TNT packs for a moment. TNT stones explode and wipe out all other dark stone blocks on their row when they are destroyed by a winning combination of neighboring blocks.

Slot Features for TNT Tumble Dream Drop

As was previously noted, the primary game’s dark stone blocks can be demolished for 6 free spins. The format of each round is up to the players:

Special stone blocks have a multiplier of x1, x2, or x3 when demolished, which is added to a running global total. This is the most risky choice available.

Special stone blocks that, when broken, grant either 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 more free spins. It has a moderate amount of tension.

Special stone blocks may be found throughout the game, and they either hold a multiplier or an extra spin. Extremely unstable.

The lowest rows of blocks in bonus mode do not reset between free spins, allowing players to slowly chip away at them as they go. Depending on the game mode, each stone column may contain TNT, a multiplier, or additional free spins. Players progress farther into the mine with each row of stones they break, and they receive an additional two free spins for every third row of stones they break.

A Bonus for Dreaming

The Dream Drop panel can turn gold on any spin in the main game, signifying the award of a Jackpot Spin. Stone blocks containing TNT cover the playing grid. If 5 x DD symbols are revealed, the rows burst one by one, and the player advances to the Dream Drop Bonus.

The Dream Drop Bonus Game offers 5 reels, 1 for each progressive jackpot. Each reel is 2 in size on the Mini and the Rapid, 3 in size on the Maxi, 4 in size on the Major, and 5 in size on the Mega. No regular symbols are allowed on the reels; only blocks and DDs. After a spin ends, the DD symbols that were blocked are unblocked and fall to the bottom of the reel. The game keeps going until one reel is completely covered in DD symbols, at which point the jackpot for that reel is paid out.

The minimum payout for the Quick, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega jackpots is €1, €5, €100, €25,000, and €500,000, respectively. Prior to reaching predetermined amounts, the two largest jackpots will be reset, while the Mega’s threshold will increase until it hits €10 million, at which point it will remain fixed.

Final Slot Conclusion for TNT Tumble Dream Drop

Avalanches are a real threat in the mountains because they may move with devastating speed once they’re triggered. The saturation of Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop is beginning to make many feel the same way. It seems like every available slot is being rapidly converted to Dream Drop. The production company is running full speed ahead with this concept. Players who like jackpot slots, though, are unlikely to have many complaints. Selecting which Dream Drop machine to play might be challenging.

Compared to the other DD options, why should I use TNT Tumble Dream Drop? TNT Tumble is an intriguing slot machine since it has characteristics of both cluster pay slots and payline slots. It goes its own way, which, when it finds a rich seam of valuable ore, may be pretty remarkable. This often indicates a string of wins that are being held together by a stack of wild symbols that are boring their way through other symbols. When many wild stacks are crashing their way to the bottom of the grid, the effect may be spectacular. There’s potential for financial gain, but there’s also a certain primal satisfaction in seeing drills crash downward, stone blocks crumble, and TNT explode. The bonus game has the potential to be much more lucrative, with non-jackpot prizes of around 10,000x the wager.

If the notion of smashing your way through rock in exchange for the possibility to win potentially enormous jackpots appeals to you, then TNT Tumble Dream Drop is the game for you. Just as in actual mining, jackpot hunters’ chances of striking it rich vary with each swing of the pickaxe.

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